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Known for our quality personalized services, inexpensive yet sumptuous dishes and elegant arrangements (even for low budget), innovation for client satisfaction is still top of our priorities.

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From Humble Beginnings...

Alba Catering is a combined effort of spouses Ramon and Jeanette Alba. Coming from two big families who love entertaining guests with their great cooking, most training and personal touches were inherited and taught by the Moms and Dads.

In 1992, from requests, they started cooking for their relatives and friends parties, turning nights into days while Ramon was still working in a multinational food company and Jeanette, a CPA, was still working as a bank auditor.

The couple studied culinary and presentation. Ramon has his ability to easily identify food ingredients by mere tasting, innovate food presentation, and develop international foods for Filipino palate. Jeanette on the other hand, joined Ramon in his catering business after retiring from working as a Comptroller. To augment the services that Ramon started, she incorporated baking and cooking Filipino and International dishes.

She also studied and practiced set- up dining arrangements such as flowers, balloons and managing entertainment talents. Knowing the dilemma of working moms and dads arranging parties for their kids, Alba packaged the first Kiddy Party with complete menu, amenities and entertainment.

Personalized Service is given to all parties including Wedding, Debut and other catering services. Now they can service a party of more than a thousand guests in a day, aside from their regular canteen concessionaire business.

One of the challenges for the couple is the logistic side of the food business… studying the market, offering something new and developing menus. Both love food service, training and teaching people about what really matters in the business.

Alba Catering was formally operative in full scale on August, 2003 and incorporated to Jehanika Corporation. Now, Alba Catering has catered to many people in all walks of life, a cut across simple to extravagant gatherings, small to big number of guests from corporate/financial industries, community and school organizations and political and entertainment figures.

Alba Catering was the frequent caterer of Sharon Cuneta Show – ABS CBN as requested due to its elegant presentation and its sumptuous dishes.

Known for their quality personalized services, inexpensive yet sumptuous dishes and elegant arrangements (even for low budget), innovation is still top of their priorities.

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